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maxcredit-invest.com Trading Principles


maxcredit-invest.com successfully combines a few different strategies in its trading: cryptocurrency exchange (through trading platforms and private one), shares, Forex activity based on own deposit and attracted capital with constant fluctuations in the rate of currency pairs. The relevance of such earnings is caused not only limitless potential permanent income, but also a genuine interest for the company in relation to the process of market analysis and trade and for clients as well.


Statistics show that from all participants in the multicurrency market, only a small percentage of newcomers who come daily to the market is still earning after the first three months of operation, the others continue to practice on a demo accounts and learn Forex and cryptocurrency trading for years. This is result of a temporary lack of skills and experience, but to obtain the necessary knowledge is possible with trading skills and education. Such knowledge and experience of maxcredit-invest.com make our trade not only profitable, but also safe and secure. Once only we had gained enough experience and obtain the necessary level of knowledge for corporate trading, we have begun to attract investors' money!


Over the past few years, we improve our trading system. maxcredit-invest.com is experimenting, trying to add something new not only into multicurrency trading; we also develop additional areas of income, such as crypto mining and private exchange. However, despite all our successes, we remain committed multi-currency market. Of course, our multicurrency trading has its own advantages. They are as follows:


- Truly unlimited earning potential – we are hardly working every day.

- An independent decision on the opening and closing of trades.

- Personal and corporate responsibility for results.

- Availability of the necessary level of knowledge and experience.

- Psychological and emotional preparation of maxcredit-invest.com.


maxcredit-invest.com Trading and Risk Management


Risk management is an inherent part of maxcredit-invest.com in the financial markets, regardless of whether it is Forex market, shares trading or crypto exchange. Without quality money management, it is not possible to stay on the market with margin trading. For successful trading, our team is able to reduce risks for every trade order. This allows us not only to save our mutual funds and attracted capitals, but to multiply them safely as well.


For each potential trade we carefully define the ratio of the rate of profit and loss. These ratios are always balanced with each other in case the market moves in the wrong direction. It protects us against losses. When opening a few trades and using the same trading instrument at same time on Forex market, maxcredit-invest.com allocate trend position for short-term trading. These positions are always LTD with close stop orders that are executed when the price reaches the stop-loss level. Thanks to this, our trade experts reduce risk and get the most profit.


maxcredit-invest.com always remembers that in addition to its own assets, there is also the risk of loss the funds of investors, which trust us. That is why we follow our rules, which have been designed for the management of capital and based on the following principles:


- We use for trade no more than half of the total deposited amount.

- We use for each trade no more than 10-15% of the total capital.

- The rate of risk for each trade is less than 5% of the total funds.

- We use the various trends in the trading.

- We always remember about risk diversification.


Risk and investment are inseparable concepts, especially when it comes to investments in highly liquid assets for both the Forex market and cryptocurrency exchange. The team of maxcredit-invest.com traders succeed in the market avoiding financial losses. Certainly, to avoid the risks in investing is not possible, but we know how to control them and follow own rules of risk management. This is an integral part of trading takes into account all existing market and non-systemic risks and suggests ways to minimize them. Our system of risk control is based on the practical experience and used by professional traders of maxcredit-invest.com LTD as a mandatory tool. To properly form a risk management system, it is necessary to understand their causes. The concept of risk in Forex means the likelihood of a negative outcome of the transaction with financial losses or lost profits.



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